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Our Work

Check out some examples of the projects we have undertaken over the past 4 years. Find all of our videos on our YouTube channel.

Everything You Need to Know About the Emergency Department

This video (available in 16 languages) shares guidance on when and why you might want to go to the ER, what to expect when you get there, your rights at the ER, and how to follow up on the care you received at the ER.

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Calling 911

This video (available in 17 languages) walks you through how to call or text 911, getting an interpreter when you, and the key information the 911 operator will need.

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How to Navigate the Pharmacy

This video is part of a series we made about navigating the pharmacy. Our community partners told us a video that explains  what folks need to bring with them to ensure they will get their meds in a timely way would be really helpful.  So this is what we did. 

There are also videos about how to measure your medication and what the label on your bottle means in this playlist.

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Our First Evergreen Message

Evergreen messaging is content that retains relevance over time, and can be used repeatedly in the future. Burlington saw very unhealthy air quality in June 2023 due to the smoke from wildfires burning in Northern Quebec and Ontario. We created this video so when these fires occur again, we are ready to ensure everyone knows how to stay healthy

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How to Collect a Stool Sample

We made this video in conjunction with the State Refugee Health Coordinator. We produced a video on how to collect a stool sample... something that all newcomers have to regularly do when they arrive in the USA. These videos are being used by providers all over the United States. 

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Home Fire Safety 

When we learned that each year in Vermont, fire kills up to 11 people and 1,000 people are treated for fire and burn injuries; we decided to make a video about home fire safety, to make everyone has the information they need to reduce the risk of a home fire.

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Get Extra Money to Spend at the Farmers Market when you use SNAP/EBT

This video (available in 18 languages including ASL) explains how you can get Crop Cash (free money to spend at the market) by using SNAP/EBT/3SquaresVT at farmers markets across Vermont.

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Calling the Hospital if You Need an Interpreter

Being able to independently contact your or your child's doctor is critical and the barriers people who speak languages other than English face are high. We partnered with UVM Health Network to make videos explaining how to call direct interpreter lines at UVMMC, UVM Pediatrics, CVMC, Porter, and UVM Home Health and Hospice. 

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Talking About Mental Health

We have a series of videos about mental health, covering topics including: understanding mental health and asking for help; how past trauma might affect you, talking with your kids about mental health, getting help if you are struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide, and medications that can help with mental health. video is part of a series we are making about mental health.

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Staying Safe in Nature and Extreme Weather

This video is part of a series we made about staying safe in nature and extreme weather. This series covers topics from extreme weather conditions, to ticks, to Cyanobacteria. This video was made in response to the lack of inclusive and accessible signage related to Cyanobacteria and beach closures on Lake Champlain.

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All About Your Home

When we understood the unique challenges that folks were having moving into home in Vermont, where showers, toilet plungers, composting and fire alarms were all new we made this video to  help familiarize people with their new homes and all the equipment and technology that was part of daily living.

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Financial Literacy

We worked with M&T bank to work on videos concerning financial literacy. So far we have made videos about how to open a bank account, as well as how to use an ATM.

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