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Our Work


Check out some examples of the work we have undertaken over the past two years.   Know we are just getting started!

How to pick up meds from the pharmacy

Our community partners told us that when folks who have limited english proficiency are given prescriptions they often struggle to provide the correct information to their pharmacist.  This video spells out what folks need to bring with them to ensure they will get their meds in a timely way.

Rapid Antigen Tests in 16 Languages

When "take home" rapid antigen tests became common practice and we realized that the instructions to these tests were only available in English or Spanish, we worked with our trusty team to produce "how to" videos in 15 languages for six different tests. These videos continue to be accessed as this pandemic refuses to end.

How to do a poop sample

We worked in collaboration with the Refuge Health Coordinator and USCRI Vermont to make a video about how to do a stool sample.  This test is required of every new American entering the country under the Domestic Health Assessment. 

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