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Work in progress...

We have just concluded a partnership with the Vermont Department of Health Care Access and The United Way of North West Vermont to produce videos in 7 languages on health insurance, what it is, how to understand the terminology of health insurance and how to deal with medical debt.  Click here for the complete list. 

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We are working with the Department of Mental Health to produce information on a variety of mental health issues and strategies to promote positive mental health.  The first video we produced in 15 languages is on "finding ways to deal with stress and sadness"  You can click here for the link to the playlist. 

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We are working with local housing organizations to inform people what they need to know about appliances in their home and how to keep their apartment safe. This should be completed by early spring.  Click here for the link to the playlist in 15 languages


In conjunction with the State Refugee Health Coordinator we have produced a video on how to collect a stool sample... something that all newcomers have to regularly do when they arrive in the USA.  Click here for the complete play list

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Our partner at the Vermont Health Equity Initiative as well as school district personnel down in Addison County requested a video on Ticks.  So we are currently in production to make this happen.  Click here for the playlist 

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A project in conjunction with the Burlington Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO) working to inform residents about an item coming up on the town meeting ballot.  Check it out right here.

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