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Work in Progress
January - February 2024

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Talking About

Mental Health

We are working with the Department of Mental Health to make a five part series about mental health. Life can be hard and stressful. It is important that everyone has an understanding of mental health, and access to the mental health resources available. These videos discuss a variety of subjects surrounding mental health, including PTSD, Medications, and talking to children about their feelings.


Rank Choice Voting

In March 2023, Burlington residents voted to expand Ranked Choice Voting in city elections, to include races for Mayor, City Councilors, School Commissioners, Ward Clerks, and Inspectors of Election. We are working on a video to explain how these ballots work!


What to Do When You Get Stopped by the Police

We are currently working on a video in partnership with  Vermont Adult Learning about what to do, and what your rights are, if you are stopped by the police. 


Crop Cash Benefits

We are currently working with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont to create a video explaining the "Crop Cash" system that is available at Farmer's Markets across Vermont!


Green Mountain Transit

Green Mountain Transit is reinstating bus fares in March 2024 for the first time since the Covid-19 Pandemic began in 2020. We are working with GMT to create a video on how to pay your bus fare.


When to use the Emergency Room

We are currently working on a video that explains the difference between when to visit the Emergency Department, Urgent Care, or your doctor.

Image by Emily Ho

These are some of our larger future projects.
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